Winter Trailer Care

As winter approaches so does the harsh weather that plagues our outdoor equipment both aesthetically and mechanically.  Salt from the the road can degrade the paint on our trailers causing corrosion and rust while the freezing temperatures and snow can cease hinges and damage trailer beds. For most of us, storing our trailers in a nice climate controlled garage all winter is not an option so let’s discuss a few things that we can do to protect our trailer from the elements this winter.

The Basics 

If you don’t plan on using your trailer this winter, one of the most obvious things you can do it to fully cover your trailer in a large tarp and protect it from the snow and ice. However, if you are going to be using your trailer all winter long here are a few basics and reminders. Even though the trailer deck has been sealed before purchase, it is always a good idea to re-seal your deck each fall. Our preferred deck sealant is Flood Wood Stains & Wood Finish. If you prefer to not get your hands messy, bring any 16′ deck and under to Big Bubba’s and we can get your deck resealed for $50. For larger sizes, please call.  Also,  completely reflooring is available.

If you plan to use your trailer in the winter, insure that you keep the underside of the trailer clean using a number of different methods. Salt, ice and grim can build up on the axels, and the underside of the bed and other sensitive components such as the housing conduit for the wiring.

Doing a Little Extra

To really get your trailer in shape for the winter months there are a few things extra that you can do on your own or even we can help you with. The first would be to grease the trailer tire/hub. Not only does this insure adequate greasing for the winter months but also can be used to force any other dirt or grime out. Check out the video on how to properly grease your trailer tires and hub. 

In addition, if you own one of our signature trailers with Grease Zerks near the hinges, it’s probably a good indication that those need to be lubed too.

Stay tuned for our next blog and we will teach how to lube those!